Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is a Pathologist?
A: A pathologist is a physician who specializes in diagnosing diseases by examining blood, body fluids, and tissue samples. Physicians in all fields consult with pathologists in diagnosis of diseases affecting their patients.

Q: How are my samples being evaluated by my doctor?
A: After your samples are processed a detailed report is sent to your physician. This report is used to help create a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

Q: Does DPP treat patients directly?
A: We do not treat patients directly. We work very close with the physicians to provide a diagnosis which helps create an effective treatment plan.

Q: What is cytology?
A: It is the study of the cell under a microscope. The most common cytopathology exam is the Pap Smear.

Q: Why are pathology services important?
A: Services are critical for diagnosis, screening and treatment. Our services help the physician provide their patients with the correct care.