Client Information

  • Access Report Online
  • Sample Report
  • Final Report
    Our courier will deliver the final reports on a daily basis to your facility if you are not connected to our EMR or receiving reports by fax.
  • Order Supplies
    You can order supplies by faxing your request or you can call our office. Our courier will deliver supplies when she collects specimens at your facility.
  • How to Send Specimens
    Our courier will collect specimens from each facility on a daily basis if needed. Contact our office and we will schedule you as you need us.
  • Requisitions
    Call or fax us when you are running low on forms. We will print them and send them by the courier.
  • Sending Paps Automatically for HPV Typing?
    There are a variety of ways in which a pap can be automatically sent for HPV typing:
    1. You may set up parameters for reflex testing for HPV typing. The parameters are designated by your facility and can be changed at anytime.
    2. You can simply check the HPV typing box on the front of the specimen requisition. The specimen will then be flagged and automatically sent for HPV typing upon delivery. A specimen is viable for HPV typing for three weeks after the collection date. Therefore, a request can be called in for typing at any time during those three weeks.
  • Do Insurance Companies Cover ThinPrep and HPV Typing?
    Most South Carolina insurance companies have traditionally covered the cost of pap tests and HPV typing performed from the ThinPrep vial. Although, the insurance guidelines for frequency and reason for submitting tests have to be followed.
  • How Do I Collect a Specimen for HPV Typing and/or Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Testing, If I Do NOT Want a Pap Test Performed?
    In the event that a patient needs to have HPV typing and/or Chlamydia and Gonorrhea testing but not a Pap test, simply collect the sample as if you were collecting for a Pap test. Use the brush and spatula (or broom) to collect the sample and place it within the ThinPrep vial. Then, on the specimen requisition, write "HPV TYPING ONLY" ,"CHLAMYDIA AND GONORRHEA TEST ONLY," or both if desired.